the bitblastpodcast: Episode 6 09/15/2014

Hosts: Sturgis, Garin, Capella, and guest of show Vicious (Dustin)

After a extra week off (which we are greatly sorry about folks) we come back with a doozy of a long episode. So ahead of time we apologize if this is long and overdue. But get ready for a nice double length (Get it… cause we missed a week :D ) episode. Join us if you will for discussions on PAX Prime, Capella’s CSI, ArcheAge, Kerbal Space Program, Destiny, and more.

Intro: In The Garage – OxygenStar off the Weezer 8-Bit Album by Pterodactyl Squad
Outro:  Crypt Of The NecroDancer – Lvl 1-1 Shopkeeper version

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