Retconned Ep 11: Woody Allen’s Inglorious Basterds

Two Men in a Dark Room…
Intro/Outro: The Protomen – Danger Zone

Talk Gambit film possibly falling apart

Compare Quentin Tarantino’s weirdness with Woody Allen’s

Southern Bastards #10 Rebel Flag Cover

Archie Horror Presents: SABRINA

Caliban by Garth Ennis

Manifest Destiny (the Event and the Comic)

In the Beginning… A Punisher Masterpiece

and Live. Die. Repeat. All in the name of our lord and savior Tom Cruise

Born (again) on the 4th of July

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Running Milez 37

What up guys! SOOOO not gonna lie, I was a bit messed up last night when I recorded this (hence the PSA in the intro) but nevertheless, its still entertaining. This week I’m joined back by returning guest Sam, & Jenn while we discuss each country’s top porn search, the top 3 ranked sex positions, what milennials type when they go into pornhub, and more! Find me on bitblastnetwork, iTunes, and of course here on soundcloud! Love you, check it!


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the bitblastpodcast: episode 17 07/27/2015

Sturgis and Garin, are joined by Grizz (Brett) and Kristi
Intro/Outro: “Bit-Blaster II” – buddhasandwich
Intermission: The Offspring – “Intermission”/Retconned’s very own Christian & David Continue reading the bitblastpodcast: episode 17 07/27/2015

the bitblastpodcast: episode 16 7/22/2015

Sturgis and Garin, are joined by Dustin, Loukas, & Kristi
Intro/Outro: “Bit-Blaster II” – buddhasandwich

Roundtable time! Returning people! Moving headquarters! Someone who isn’t a dude! (Yes we have a female on the show again!) Sorry for the delay! (tried fixing my mic – Sturgis – but it did not work >_<)

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