Please, Divulge (Special) - RESO Uncut!

A little bit ago I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with the founders of the non profit organization RESO (which just so happens to stand for [insert what you think it means] Rick's Eccentric Shadow Organization).

Rick Quevedo - President and Co-Founder & Brittany Davis - Vice President and Co-Founder

Please join me and getting to know these fine folks and what they do.

After many system failures, and losing progress in editing we bring you the unedited non cut version of the Please, Divulge RESO interview. Just... be forewarned there is some... off colour humour in here. If easily offended... Umm yeah don't listen to this one.

There is a nice clean 27 min version here on the site! :D

You can find these fine folks on TwitterTwitchYoutubeFacebook, or anywhere else @resotampa

-Sturgis (@zerosyphon)