the bitblastpodcast: episode 13 6/28/2015 (E3 Part 1)

E3 SUPER BIG HAPPY FUN TIME SHOW.... it wasn't fun we had no A/C.
Eric - Yes Sturgis lets record the longest episode ever with no A/C in the middle of the summer. sounds Fan-Fucking-Tastic. *sarcasm*
Sturgis - I'm glad you agree.

Sturgis, Garin, and Eric are joined by Rick, and Christian
Intro: "Bit-Blaster II" - buddhasandwich

What we have been up to
Destiny Update (It's actually civil)
Monster Hunter
Duck Game
End of Part 1
Part 2 will be up soon.

Also... if you have questions that you want read on the show email me at and I will read them on next weeks show!

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