the bitblastpodcast: Episode 8 10/14/2014

Hosts: Sturgis, Garin, and Eric

Quick and to the point episode this week. Not another 2 and a half hour show this time around. We are trying to put up new content (1 Likes, 1 Hates aka BadTouch/Hosts Of Hostess/new episodes of FAT/ and Please, Divulge)
I (sturgis) was sick the past 2 weeks along with other going ons. So catch up with us on how Necronomicon 2014 went. Eric is still playing Destiny. Sturgis is consumed by Persona 4. And Garin got into the Dark Souls II again. Thanks Obama.

Intro: Island In The Sun (Belmont's Revisal)

Also... if you have questions that you want read on the show email me at and I will read them on next weeks show!

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