the bitblastpodcast: episode 9 11/13/2014

Hosts: Sturgis, Eric, and Aaron

And here you thought we were dead...
After a much needed time away we are back with a new episode, with a guest this week whom has done music for us in the past and has a new theme song in the works for us. Good friend of the show Aaron (buddhasandwich) is on the show this week.
Blame the delay on Sturgis (He beat Sunset Overdrive, Played about 80+ hours in SMT Persona 4 Golden, and is working through watching Twin Peaks). Eric is back on the show after having schedule changes. Garin was MIA this week. Capella is still traveling. New posting schedule will be implemented soon.

We have a event coming December 4th at the Hillsborough Community College in Brandon, FL in conjunction with RESO and EGen.
Titled "This Is Not A Test"

Intro: Game Of Thrones Theme Jazz ver (Scott Bradlee and the Postmodern Jukebox)

Also... if you have questions that you want read on the show email me at and I will read them on next weeks show!

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