Retconned EP 16: Captain America...Racist, But Morally Racist

It's Tom O'Clock!!!!
Two Men in a Dark Room...

Talk Age of Ultron being a "Faliure"
Marvel Restructure
Spielberg Calls out Super Hero Movies
Jurassic World/Straight Outta Compton Crossover Feat. The Return of Gerald The Raptor
Deadpool vs Thanos by Tim Seely
Say goodbye to Mark Waid's Daredevil
Aliens vs Vamperella
David's Pick- Last Days of American Crime- Rick Remender
Christian's Pick- Wolfe #1
Cap and Bucky are Gay Icons
Marvel's Hulk Plans
The Boys by Garth Ennis
Plutomia by Jeff Lemire
and discuss how Steve Rogers should and is probably a racist.

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