the bitblastpodcast: episode 26 2/22/2016

Sturgis is joined by Eric, Jake & John
Intro/Outro"Bit-Blaster II" - buddhasandwich

It's been awhile. So games.
Sturgis is back after a bit of a hiatus to discuss Fire Emblem Fates, The Witness, Street Fighter V, Rise Of The Tomb Raider, XCOM 2, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, Oxenfree, Firewatch.... Ok so we touch on all the games. Next episode we will deep dive into the games. But Eric, Jake & John join me to talk all new games.

As always check out our good friends over at The Masters Of Nothing (They're podcast is now here too! Welcome Jake & John to the network!)

Also... if you have questions that you want read on the show email me at and I will read them on next weeks show!
Subject - BBP

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