TOWWTA - OVA 16: The Secrets of Voice Acting

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays loyal listeners!  Welcome back for a very special episode of TOWWTA.  We are joined this week by professional voice actors/directors Jalen K. Cassell and Zach Aguilar. Who have worked on several shows including, Seven Deadly Sins, Kill La Kill, Aldnoah.Zero, Sword Art Online II, and many more.  Join us as we go into great detail about the wonders of the voice acting profession.  As well as their experiences working in the anime industry.  We also dive into some of our favorite anime including FMA, Hunter x Hunter, Naruto, and more.  Also Jordan's and Jaylen's man crush on Sam Riegel.  

 *Sound Issue Disclaimer* I apologize for the sound issues in this episode, due to the skype call used for this special episode. *Sound Issue Disclaimer* 

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